smm for the aktshop network

smm for the aktshop network
Alco? Well… okay.
We thought for a long time about whether to include alcohol in the project. It was a challenge from day one! Moreover, 3 agencies promised us the result before us.
Client: a chain of alcohol stores in Dnipro. No online stores.
KPI: brand awareness and engagement in the profile.
What was the result?
✅ We restyled social media, focusing on the name ALCOHOL + TRAFFIC.
The identity has elements of road markings, signs, zebras, etc.
✅ We unsubscribed from bots and mass-following (which the previous agency used to “promote” the account 😂).
✅ We created humorous and concise content with a call to action to engage.
✅ We hold 1 contest per month, giving away alcohol to people 21+.
❤ We made viral content in the style of tik tok
✅ Set up ads by neighborhood and geo-location around stores with the call to action: “we have the best prices in the neighborhood”.
In total, we came up with a price of $0.2 per Facebook subscriber.
and $0.5 per subscriber on Instagram.
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