SMM is a complex, not a niece of “smm”
  • Since 2017 year, we’ve been running social networks for individuals, businesses, and maybe even a cat… But there’s a catch. It works only when it is a complex. For example:
  • competitor analysis;
  • strategy
  • corporate identity;
  • content production;
  • copywriting;
  • posting;
  • holding contests;
  • advertising with opinion leaders.
  • + it would be nice to add targeted advertising 🙂

And we value your time – so click on the question and get an answer in a second

We don’t have any limits, it’s mostly Ukraine.) But we have customers from England, Australia, Europe, and the United States.


Usually, our clients create content themselves (according to our instructions). And we set up cool ads.

SMM Agency – Pershe Agency

SMM marketing is a key tool of modern online marketing which helps businesses to effectively promote their products and services in social networks. If you want to increase the visibility of your brand, attract more customers and establish strong connections with your target audience, SMM marketing is an indispensable tool to achieve these goals.

SMM Agency – Pershe

Looking for a reliable SMM agency to effectively promote your business in social networks? You are in the right place! Our company is the leader in SMM promotion, offering a full range of services to help you achieve maximum results in online marketing.

SMM Promotion

What is SMM and why is it important for your business? SMM (short for Social Media Marketing) is a social media promotion strategy. In today’s digital world, social platforms are a powerful tool for attracting audience attention, building trust and strengthening your connection with customers. SMM allows you to actively interact with your target audience, share interesting content, improve your brand awareness and increase conversion rate.

SMM Agency in Ukraine

When working with us you get a personalized approach and a high level of professionalism. Our team of experts owned by all modern techniques and tools SMM to develop the most effective strategy for your promotion. We will carefully study your target audience, analyzing their preferences and behavior in social networks to create content that will hit the target.

Our SMM agency offers the following services:

  1. Strategy development: We will help you define your goals and target audience, and develop a promotion strategy that fits your needs and budget.
  2. Content Creation: Our team of copywriters and designers will develop unique and attractive content that will attract the attention of your audience and provoke a reaction.
  3. Community Management: We actively engage with your audience, responding to comments and questions, building trust and maintaining active participation in the community.
  4. Social Media Advertising: We will create and optimize social media advertising campaigns to attract more leads and increase conversions. We will design properly run Facebook, Instagram, and Tick Tok advertising campaigns so that we spend the budget as efficiently as possible – getting leads.

SMM Agency

Our agency since 2017 has been fruitfully working with its audience in the social networks (Facebook, Instagram), that’s why we know exactly how to give content and design a profile/page so that the visitors were loyal and brought income to your company.