Clothing from xitboutique (worldwide)

Clothing from xitboutique (worldwide)
Start of work
In 2018, we were approached by a TOP woman in the fashion segment. Natalya gained recognition by opening a showroom in Dnipro on Kirova Street.
Super content, where the business owner personally demonstrated his product, organically “flew” through the spaces of Instagram.
Start: 4000 subscribers in inst.
Task: To enter the market of Russia, Kazakhstan and Russian-speaking Europe. Enter the TOP sellers of your segment. Expand your personal brand and store page from four to tens and hundreds of thousands.
Determine the target audience and get a cheap subscriber price.
Solution: protested the entire CIS (cities with millionaires, capitals, remote regions where it is not possible to buy quality branded clothes).
Successfully entered the market of Russian-speaking Europe and America. Raffles were held among subscribers.
Increased sales by retargeting in stories.
Together: we have been working with Natalia for 3 years. We are proud of her victories and achievements.
Reached the mark of 100 thousand subscribers, starting with 4,000.
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