Branding for the developer

Branding for the developer
Branding = like a child’s first word and step. The most important ones.
Now imagine a construction company that will give birth to a whole generation.
Do you feel the sense of responsibility for the future? You bet.
✔ Developing more than 10 variants of the logo = and as a result, we came up with an “eternal” font;
✔ Creating a slogan: we removed all the lavish speeches. Leaving three main words on which Dema Development is based.
✔ The main element of the corporate identity – symbolizing the planning solution.
The fundamental basis of engineering and architecture.
There is not much to say. We have created a branding that will be relevant for a long time.
Conciseness and minimalism are our everything.
We thank Dema Development for the trust @pershe.agency
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